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Luxury accomodation in Trieste | Suites Le Saline Trieste

The palace

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Luxury Accommodation in Trieste

By choosing the luxury hospitality of the suites in this historic mansion, a stay in Trieste becomes a journey into the heart of MIddel-Europe, an evocative and exciting discovery of the traces of its heyday.

Palazzo Panfili, the splendid palace which houses the luxury suites Le Saline, in fact, is a magnificent example of the multicultural spirit that made Trieste a Hapsburg Empire’s key cities.

The construction of the building was commissioned by Antonio Panfili – descendant of an ancient family of shipbuilders – designed by the Viennese architects Anton Gross and Wilhelm Jelinek, built under the direction of the architects Giovanni Andrea Berlam, Giovanni Righetti and Giovanni Scalmanini, two among the most remarkable creators of the beautiful palaces of the era.

Once through the huge door, designed for the transit of the carriages in the lobby, you are immersed in the atmosphere of Trieste “fin de siècle” with its refined architectural elements that draws one’s attention since by the entrance, together with the magnificent architecture of the grand staircase.

The name

Le Saline which is named the guesthouse were a large salt pan previously, partly, located in the same place where the palace has been built. Starting from 1737, the nucleus of the new city started to grow and the “saline” have disappeared to leave space to that whose have been called the Borgo Teresiano, which is still the beating heart of Trieste.

The atmosphere

The lobby is a refined and comfortable setting where stands the sculpture Equilibrista by Inos Corradin. The sitting room has been designed as a relaxing lounge for guests and it is dominated by the beautiful Venetian glass chandelier “Claire de Lune” a modern work by the artist Bruno Pedrosa.

The restoration work

From the floors to the doors, everything speaks of a wise and loving restoration that has brought the original features back to the former glory without affecting their nature. The original frescoed ceilings have been carefully restored by preserving the patina of time to emphasize the charm and the mystery together with the ancient beauty.

Suites Le Saline
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